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      The office of the house is a place we usually neglect, since it is the workplace and it is quite difficult to combine style, elegance and comfort in the room.In an area determined solely by its functionality and practicality, we are used to seeing a very monotonous environment in relation to the rest of the house.

      But how can you make this room more elegant and beautiful? Here are some helpful and creative ideas.

      Choose a light color for the walls
      Usually the office is the smallest room in the house, but it needs enough space for the furniture, since it needs more than a simple office.For this reason, it would be best to paint the walls of your room in white or a very pale creamy hue. In this way you will make the room look bigger, while at the same time you will have a calm environment perfect for your work.But if you want to give a more stylish and trendy note to your office decoration, you can use a bold work of art that will decorate your wall.

      Choose the right chair
      Basic principles for this space are the comfortable chair and the right lighting. Before proceeding to any decorative trick you should know that the most important object is the chair which should be comfortable and properly support the back so you do not feel tired when you work till late at night.

      Take care of the room lighting
      Office lighting should point on the desktop in order not to get your either your eyes tired or not to cause headaches.If it is possible, it would be ideal to place your office furniture next to the window, since natural sunlight is the best condition for you to work happily and be alert.However, sometimes you will need to avoid light, especially if you are working on a computer or laptop. But this is quite easy if you put the appropriate curtains, which should not be too dark.Now, if you work until late at night, it’s a good idea to avoid the ceiling light and use an office light to help you focus on your work. You can also place wall lamps in order for the light to be all around the room in a soft yet useful way.

      Place a board
      The paddle bench is the smartest, most economical and easy-to-use solution for home office. All you do is hang them on the wall at the height that suits you. In the market you will find many pieces in different stores. Their wild face is part of their charm and means you will not need to rub for hours with the special sandpaper. Finish the decoration of the office with a collage of black and white posters to give you a more artistic tone. You can also make a mood-board / bulletin board / hanger for the essentials of your old bed snaps. The metal skeleton hidden in the bed of the bed is an indispensable raw material for decorating the office without spending even one euro. You can leave it in its natural color or paint it with a spray on metal surfaces in the shades of the room.

      Secured storage space
      Storing space is necessary for every office located in the house, so the room stays neat. If your office is facing a wall, there you can put enough shelves, which will be very effective.As long as we believe that the office without drawers is not functional, we are probably wrong because you can put a bedside table under the desk on each side and fit more in.

      Choose the right furniture
      Finally, to have a more stylish effect, play with a few specific colors on your furniture and objects. You can pick bright full objects in red or yellow color that will make the space look brighter.

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      When talking about the best interior design ideas for your home, or even your office, art is the ideal option.
      1-The most important thing to keep in mind when designing a home office is personal comfort. “Make it a space you enjoy.
      2-Customize the lighting and add functional and stylish lamps to create a luxe atmosphere.
      3-Decorate your office walls with the framed appreciation cards given in office for your good performances.
      4-Add visuals in your walls it will not only be eye catching, but also influence the rest of your space. Amongst the interior design ideas for this space, you need to understand the theme of your room

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      Hey Vicky,
      Thank you for the post. This is so interesting. Actually everytime when I used to enter my office room I used to think of decorating it. This is so informative and your post gave me good tips to decorate my office room and making it more elegant and beautiful.

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