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      Dan B

      I am building a garage and need some help figuring how to install alluminum soffits and facia. My question is how do I transistion from the gable end to the eave. The eave extends 24 inches and the gable 12 inches. I want the soffit to be horizontal on th

      e 24 inch eave overhang. I know I will need to “box” in where the soffit starts to go up the gable end but how should I frame this? And then how do I trim this out afterwards? The boxed in corner will be too big to cover with standard facia. The guy at th

      e lumber yard said to use “coil stock” but how do I do this?

      I would appreciate any help


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      Bruce Miller

      Hi Dan:
      Although I’ve done many times what you are trying to do, it may be a little tough to explain. Your local library should have several how-to books that will provide detailed explanations and nice pictures to help you with this. But I’ll take

      a stab at it anyway.

      You don’t mention the pitch of your rafters or their centers, but assuming its a 4/12 on 16″ centers, cut the ends vertical to the ground, all equadistant from the garage wall. Run a horizontal plumb line from the bottom of the raf

      ters to the garage wall and install a 2X4 ledger with its bottom edge on this line, from the front to the back of the garage. I them frame in 2X3 soffit joists from the rafter to the ledger, cutting each joist at the angle necessary to fit plumb with the

      bottom edge of the rafter end. I predrill each joist and attach to rafters with 3″ drywall screws, as these are a giant pain to nail. I then sheath with 1/2″ CCX exterior plywood (no knots showing), and cut the openings between the rafters in the soffit f

      or aluminum (or vinyl) screened vents. The facia board should be clear (or #2 for a garage) 1X8 pine. The reason for such a wide board is to ensure you have enough room to mount your sloping gutters. After priming and painting, I run a bead of caulk behin

      d the facia board where it meets the 1/2″ plywood soffit, just to make sure the little flying insects stay out.

      Hope this helps

      Bruce M

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      I need to know when sanding over screws and seams how much is too much,so I don’t end up re-applying any mud.


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      Ron in Florida

      How do I transition from the

      gable to the eaves in the corners? Contractor was a NO

      SHOW, so I’ll have to do it MYSELF…HELP


      Ps.got my little white nails

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      Unregistered-Shelley Gaston

      Just wanted to know how to do this myself

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