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      I have a 1000 watt 3-way dimmer switch hooked up to my big foyer chandelier with 17 x 60 W bulbs. The switch plate cover screws get hot to the touch after the chandelier is lit for 20 minutes. Is this ok?

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      Do the math: 60 x 17 = 1020 . Ok so that is 20 watts over the switch rating. What do you think?

      Get a higher rated switch with a heat sink on it .

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      Lenny, dimmer switches, even good ones under a moderate load, are known to dissipate quite a bit of heat like this.

      You’re pushing it’s load rating with 17X60, but even if you replace it with a switch of higher rating you should not be surprised by noting some heat at the switch.

      If this light is used minimally I’d not get overly concerned, but I would consider trying 40-50 watt bulbs instead, or if your chandelier has staggered bulb heights, try using lower watt bulbs on one tier to bring you a little below the rating.

      Even when thousands get away with it safely every day, it’s always best to stick within the ratings so that you don’t become that “one-in-a-million”.

      Good Luck- David

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      You can replace the bulbs with lower wattage ones .

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      Ron J.

      You have over loaded the switch. You do not need 60 watt bulbs. You won’t notice the difference if you put in 40 watt. What’s more important, your family and house, or having 17, 60 watt, bulbs in the foyer. I know for a fact that a 1000 watt dimmer is around $35. No telling what a higher rated one is. Lets assume it’s $45. Do the math. Switch at $45., or 5, 40 watt bulbs in a package of 4, at a cost of maybe $15. CHANGE THE BULBS PLEASE. Ron J.

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