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      have an older home – 1920’s – radiators on first floor are not working to full capicity (only 1/3 feels warm)
      the second floor radiators are working full force – was told that these radiators down stairs need to be “bled”. Can someone guide me on how this is done?

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      All you need to do is open the valve and let some of the steam/water out. When the water starts to flow, turn the valve back off.

      When they need bled, it is a sign of too much pressure in the pipes, the heat cannot circulate because it is being blocked. this should be done once a year, at the beginning of the heating season. If you have a company that checks your furnace and/or water heater, ask the technician to show you how to do it.

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      Jon M

      I have bought an old house that currently has radiant heat. I like the heating but I want to upgrade the radiators to have a modern look. I’m looking to find a retailer who produces modern looking radiators. Basically radiators with a fresh look.

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      Nasir Ali


      Please would you be able to help me. I have a potterson central system at home with radiators scattered around the house. The single radiators which are situated in the hall and one in the back bedroom do not heat up. The rest of the radiators around the house do heat up. I have bled them a number of times but that does not make a difference. However, I can feel very little warmt right at the bottom of them. Please would you advice me as to what I need to do.

      Thank you.


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      Melissa Fogelsonger

      I am trying to find new radiators for my home. Are there any companies that still produce them.

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      6 bronze colored radiators great shape and different sizes. Will sell cheap. I switched my home heat to a furnace and central air.

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      Tom Rielly

      I have 8 leaking radiator and Am looking for new or used radiators. Below are the specs. Is it possible to patch leaking radiators??

      Qty 3 30 sections(3 row) 60″ longx26.5″tallx9″deep

      Qty 1 25 sections(3 row) 50″ longx26.5″tallx9″deep

      Qty 2 20 sections(3 row) 41″ longx22.5″tallx9″deep

      Qty 1 15 sections(3 row) 30″ longx26.5″tallx9″deep

      Qty 1 15 sections(3 row) 32″longx22.5″tallx9″deep

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      Dennis Bader

      Hi. I live in an apartment building that sends up tons of heat!! I have radiators that are fairly small in size. What can I do to reduce the heat flow besides turning down the valves because they are so old, missing, etc.? Can I install some other kind of adjusting/limiting valve and what do i need to know/buy to do it? Thanks,


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