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      my husband and i just ripped out carpet at our new home and the old 20+ year old carpet left us a mess. the old clay like padding is stuck in some spots and we can not get it up. does anyone have any ideas please. it has hardwood floors which we would like to keep.

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      Unregistered-Henry in MI

      With the rubber material stuck to the floor and the holes where the tack strips and staples were, you will have to refinish or replace your floor. If you choose to refinish, your home center will have sanders and other equipment to rent and materials and instructions for this job. Since there is already quite a bit of damage, you can just scrape up most of the rubber with a big putty knife. You will be refinishing or covering it up again anyway.

      If refinishing is too much for you, I suggest that you consider an engineered floor. These are available over a wide price range but most of these are not refinishable. You really have to consider them like carpeting that you replace after some amount of years of service but they do look good and last for a long time.

      Henry in MI

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      My wife and I purchased a 40 year old house that had beautiful hardwood floors. Of course, these floors were under a layer of carpet, padding, floor tile, and tar. We had to rent a floor sander (with 20 grit paper) and a Router (same grit) and it took us several days to get that stuff up. Then we stained and sealed the floors. Looks absolutely beautiful. Worth the effort. Even if you have to pay someone else.

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