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      lee katman


      we recently had our hardwood floors refinished.
      During the last spell of very hot and humid weather,
      the edges of the boards (the long edges) started to
      turn up, I assume swollen with moisture. It is too soon
      for them to start un

      swelling, but is this something we
      can look forward to forever? Or is it a sign of poor
      workmanship on the refinishers’ part?


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      bill green

      Wood tends to expand and contract depending on weather conditions. Typically a floor installer will wait until the wood has acclimated to its environment before installing floors. If he refinished the floors when it was hot and himid he might have locked

      in some additional moisture and you are seeing the effects of that alternatively if you wait until it gets cooler the floors might just shrink and become smooth again.
      Lots of luck


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      tell me how

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