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      I would like to install some antique barn flooring which is 2″x6″ in a new home construction project. I would like to install this flooroing over a concrete slab. I would install a moisture barrier but am wondering if it is essential to also install a subfloor?

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      LJ in TX

      installed on concreete slab are put down using one by four pieces that are attached to the concrete with tar. they call these screed boards I think….then the hardwood planks are nailed to the one by fours thru the tongue fo the planks. check with flooring stores on how they suggest installation. and usually a moisture barrier is not required either. LJ

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      Jim B.

      I would recomend using TREATED 2×2 or 2×4’s laid on their sides if you have enough clearence for doors etc. I would screw them down to the concrete using masonary screws (tapcon). I would definatly reccomend instaling a vapor barrier to keep your floor form rotting. You shoulden’t have to put down a subfloor due to the thickness of your flooring. Also if you live in a colder climate it would be wise to stuff some 1 1/2″ rigid foam insulation between your nailing strips to keep the cold out.

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