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      We are considering having engineered wood floors installed … the brand that has been recommended to us by two installers is Lauzon. We prefer a dark color and are looking at red oak stained “auburn.” however, if a naturally light wood is stained dark, will the inevitable scratches show up more? Should we look at Lauzon’s natural brazilian cherry or natural mahogany instead, and will scratches show up less because those woods are naturally dark all the way through? Finally, if we ever decided to change the color of the wood to light, could natural cherry or mahogany be stained or lightened the way the red oak could be by stripping the “auburn” color to the natural red oak?

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      Jay J -Moderator

      Hi Jane,

      Thanks for the detail but I got a little lost. But I think I understand what you’re looking for.

      You’re looking for a wood/finish that won’t show scratches. Well, it’s a relative ‘thing’ in my book. The lighter the wood, I think the less likely you’ll see scratches. But understand, that no matter which way you choose, the floor is going to show wear-and-tear.

      Here are a couple of ‘ideas’ to think about. I like a darker wood where the floor gets a lot of DIRECT or indirect sun. Ultraviolet rays (UV) will darken the floor even more but that’s OK. It’s a fact of Mother Nature. You can use area rugs and ‘runners’ in the high traffic areas of the floor to lengthen the finish on a floor. (Just keep them vacumed and clean, and DON’T use your vacume on your wood floors!) Foyers usually have runners (and it is the doorways where the MOST grit and grime gets brought into the home.) Living rooms have area rugs, hallways have runners, and so on. Remember about UV rays. If the rugs stay in 1 area too long, you’ll get a ‘ring’ on the floor. This is fine – just keep it in mind. If you don’t put any type of rug down, you’ll ruin your floors quicker than you can say ‘area rug’. Look for rugs with the vinyl backing PRE-sewn into them. And don’t just throw a piece of carpet down. Regular wall-to-wall carpet is meant to be on a pad. Its backing is very ‘harsh’ on a finished floor of any type!

      Hopefully, I’ve answered your question. If not, try again or others may do a better job. My best to ya and hope this helps.

      Jay J

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      Having done the floors in a few houses I’ve owned, this is what I have to gleen.
      The final color of the wood floor will affect the overall brightness of the room. A light natural wood will make the room brighter and larger, a darker wood will make the room darker and smaller. Certain types of rooms do well with a darker more elegant look, (ie formal dining room) and lighter wood enhances rooms you want to have a bright feel. Stain basically creates a uniform look to the wood. Clear allows each peice of wood to show its difference.

      Also, after you get it down, fill the room with a few rugs and furniture, the floor will become secondary to the rooms decore and furishings. A dark floor adds to a light rug and a light floor adds to a dark rug. Enjoy and good luck. (I always found picking out the final stain and finishes was the hardest part for me)

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      Roger Feldman

      I am debating between Lauzon engineered (American or Brazillian Cherry) and Junckers Sylvaket or Sylvared. Does anyone have any opinions about which one is a better choice? Thanks for the input.

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