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      Fred Bock

      I am planning to have maple floors (3/4 x 2 1/2 strips) installed in my office space and when I ripped up the carpet, I found that over the plywood subfloor, there is a 1/2 inch layer of particle board on top. Is it possible to nail thru the particle board and still get a solid floor, or should I rip it out?

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      Terry Alexander

      Particle board is a recommended sub-floor, especially when there is or was trouble with the existing sub-floor. I would guess that if you did tear our the particle board, you would find mucho trouble with the plywood underneath. That is probably why the particle board was installed in the first place. Only precautions that I would take is to make sure that the particle board is nailed every 6 inches. That’s right and I know that is a lot of nails. Also, make sure that the nailing is done with ring shank nails. Would even suggest, prior to installing the hardwood floor that you pry up a nail or two and and make sure that the particle board was installed with ring shank nails. Lastly, use wood floor putty to even out joints.
      Hope this info helps.

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      Nelson Ess

      I am currently thinking of putting oak flooring in my kitchen an dining room. My house is on a slab and am looking for some installation suggestions. I have a few of my own but would like to hear someone elses experience.

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      Bruce Miller

      Hi Fred:
      Terry’s response is exactly correct.

      The 1/2″ particle board should be fine like it is, provided it is securely fastened down with no high or low spots, bubbles, etc. The new floor you put down will not be held in place by the particle board, but by the subfloor or floor joists underneath it. I am assuming your new 2.5″ hardwood is tongue and groove. They use a special nail (spiral shank or ring shank) that are also usually resin dipped to keep them from working out. The only change you may have to make is use a 1/2″ longer nail in the flooring nail gun.

      Best wishes

      Bruce M

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      Cornelia Jeffery

      We recently took up the old carpet in our living room. The hard wood floor underneath is not in the best of condition and I have seen pictures in magazines of painted hard wood floors. Can you suggest the best way to prepare and paint hard wood floors. I’m wanting to do this as an alternative to carpeting. Thanks!

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