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      Warren Sheng

      I live in London, England.

      My situation: my home is an expensive house, built in 1930s, mostly original pine floorboarding. I want to gradually put in hardwood floors starting with one bedroom (only 850 square feet). After much research, I conclude that prefinished is better.

      1. What’s the right opinion on the 25 year warranty that some manufacturers with Aluminium Oxide finish give. Is it that really worth having?

      2. Is there much difference between brands? There is less choice in London and I can’t afford to spend even more Saturdays viewing showrooms. I liked Mirage flooring but no one in the S.E England has a showroom. An installer recommended Tarkett as value for money plus Bruce.

      3. I think I’ll go for 3/4 inch solid since it’s “better” than engineered. I’m tempted to install myself to save US$300 labour for one day’s work. If I do it myself, which type is better? If I get a professional installer, which is better.


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      Steve Jones

      Bruce is great and has a good tounge and groove. But, it only comes in 3 inch wide boards. Some homes have existing 2.5 inch and it does not match.

      Good Luck,


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      Mark Amodeo

      I own a small house built in 1930,the living room floor is linoleum….I would like to install hardwood flooring,but I would like to install the size and likely type(oak,cherry,etc,)of flooring that would be correct for that time period.Can you tell me what that would have been?Thankyou,Mark Amodeo

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