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      I have a Hampton Bay remote ceiling fan in my home. It was here when I moved in, so I dont have a manual or anything… A few years back it started coming on at all hours by itself… I quit using it.. I figured out that someone else had one next door and was on the same code?? anyways, this issue started again. It is not the same person, someone else.. I am trying to find out how to change the code on the remote. I found the dip switches on the remote control, but does anyone know where they are on the actual fan? I am lost. Any help would be great. Also, anyone know where to get a user manual? I dont know what model it is, but could maybe get close with a picture. Thanks.


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      Is a Home Depot house brand.


      Model and SKU numbers are typically on the top of the fan motor. You might be able to see then with a mirror.

      In many case the remote control receiver mounts in the fan canopy.

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