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      We just finished a ceramic tile project on our back
      porch. We put in the grout, sponged down the
      grout lines and tile, and let it dry. When I went to
      wipe off the tile with a dry towel, there is a dull,
      dry film of grout that will not come off in some
      places. Apparently we did not sponge it off well

      Any suggestions on how to get this film off without
      damaging the tile?

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      We just tiled our downstairs, but when the grout dried looked terrible so we removed it and re-grouted (all was done professionally.)However, both the grout and tile have a white film on them that I can’t seem to get off. In numerous areas of the grout, it almost looks like something was spilled and dried there. We used a grout remover with sulfuric acid when we removed the old grout.

      What can we do to remove this? Can/Should we grout over the top of it again?

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