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      we recently remodeled our bathroom. We put up wainscoating
      put in a pedestal sink and a victorian style toilet.
      the only fixture that we didn’t change was the bathtub.
      after everything else was done we realized that we should have
      changed that too. In comparison the bathtub looks old and grungy,
      no nicks or chips, but the glaze looks worn and there
      is slight discoloration around the drain. So does
      glazing help, how long should it last and is there
      anyway to check references on a glazing company?
      thanks, Patti

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      My tub is discolored and I’m not able to remove the stains. I looking to re-glaze the tub, but want to know the difficulty with the process and tools required. What saftey recautions should I take and is this a job I should leave to the pro’s?

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      Dena Shreve

      I would really like to find out how to reglaze my bathtub; can anyone help me??

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