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      The gravity feed system has the duct on the inside walls. Forced air quotes all said I need to move the ducts to the outside walls and use the inside walls as cold air returns.
      The geo thermal person was out and talked about the new thinking that if the house is positioned facing a certain way and with good windows and my old wet plaster walls – that with the system especially with the 3 stage fan that moving the ducts is not needed… Both theories presented do make sense. I’m seeking the collective’s wisdom…Thank you for your thoughts..

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      Which will be warmer, the inside wall or that wall next to the cold outsides?

      Would you want to cover a wall that is cold with warmth, or send warm air to the inside wall and have it rise toward the ceiling while cold air made by the cold wall sinks to the bottom near the floor.

      If you want cold air to be removed from the room, should you remove it from walls that are coldest, so it doesn’t flow across the room at ankle level?

      Which is better, to remove cold air from a room to be reheated or remove warm air to be reheated?

      Which is better, to remove cold air at the place it settles, or to make it move across the room and down the hall to collect it in one place?

      Thinking about these questions can eliminate mythic thinking. energy businessmen’s knowledge

      Yes, you really have to find out the MAKE and MODEL to get good answers. There IS more than one machine made.

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