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      I’m not much of a handy man around the house. Can
      anyone recommend a simple book for home repairs that
      anyone can follow taking nothing for granted.

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      Bruce Miller

      Hi Grenville
      Yes. compton’s encyclopedia of home improvement is extensive yet pretty straightforward. The Reader’s Digest Home Improvement Guide is much the same. Time has a home improvement series with some of the best illustrations and pictures.

      All of these should be available at your local library. Check one (or several) out and see how you like them before buying as a referece book to keep at home)

      Best wishes

      Bruce M

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      Timothy Kummet

      I saw a show that you were building this fold away
      picnic table. I didn’t get all the information.
      I would like to know how to get the plans, and/or
      information on how to get it.

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