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      I just bought my first home and I have a 2 car attached garage (attachs to the living room) and I want to knock out the living room wall and convert that garage into more living space. What all should I consider? Anyone know about the expense of this project? I have seen someone do this and replace the garage door with French doors and I thought it looked like a refinished garage. I think I would want to extend the brick and have a large window installed. Any suggestions?


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      I want to pour concrete over an existing concrete floor that was used for a carport. I want to bring it up about 6″ and its measurements are 135×227, how much concrete do I need or is my idea a bit lofty?

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      I have a very small home and would like to have a room where my family can come on holidays and any days to be together. A friend of mine suggested I turn my garage into a family room and build a new garage in front of the existing garage.

      What should I look out for and do you think this is the most economical way for me to go?

      I do have quite a large back yard, but have 3 dogs that love to play in the fennced in yard.

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