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      Been having water seeping into the garage. Tried to build a slope away from the garage to kkep the water out didn’t help

      I noticed that the foundation is below the land and that there are gaps between the walls and floor inside the garage. The garage is unattached (fortunately). Just moved in less than 2 months ago.

      what can be done to correct this and maybe a ball park figure on cost would be appreciated


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      Hannah, It sound like you need a french draining system. I is really not hard to do but I have never done it. I live in AZ and we get about an inch of rain a year and the water table is 350 feet down, so no need. There are expert on this board on the subject and I know they will respond to you problem.

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      If you can dig down to the foundation then that would be your best bet because you can seal the wall with tar (available at most hardware stores) and tar-paper. Once that is done, put a drain pipe in covered with gravel so that the end of the pipe comes around to a lower elevation than the foundation.

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      I need help to build 2 car garabes.

      Any information on foundetion will be help.

      Thank you for you help on this.

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