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      I’m in the midst of building a garage for my home. I have a contractor friend that told me to mix in fibreglass insulation into the concrete mix to keep it warm and reduce the amount of frost heave cracking in the winter. So far the first batch I made didnt mix well and was just a mess. Does anyone know the correct ratio of insulation to concrete for this to work?

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      That is a new one on me. Many concrete mixes do include fiberglass strand as a reinforcement to prevent cracking. These are usually prepared as mixed concrete, and delivered, as it would be very difficult to get a homogeneous blend with manual mixing. Could there be confusion between insulation and fiber reinforced concrete?

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      to keep it dry so you won’t have to apply roofing ? ? ? sorry but i’ve gotta remember to pass this on somehow to my conc friends.

      chopped f/g is 1 mtl – polyesther or polyproplyene fibers are another,,, i know of no plant using f/g,,, also curious how f/g keeps ANYTHING warm,,, steel doesn’t add any compressive strength to conc,,, f/g insulation DOES reduce the transfer rate of heat running to cold, tho.

      there’s no such thing as frost-heave cracking if the slab & footer’re designed correctly,,, stop listening to your ‘contractor friend’ & go buy a book at your favorite apron store.

      GOOD LUCK ! ! !
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      Find a new contractor friend.
      This one hasn’t a clue.

      Slabs are insulated by either installing rigid foam sheets horizonatlly directly under the slab or by installing rigid foam sheets vertically down along foundation walls from the edge of the slab to the top of footings.

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