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      When I push the controler my garage door goes up about 4 in or so then stops . I push again to get it to go down and do this a few times then it goes all the way up. I did notice one of the linkages came loose so I tightened it and it seemed to work OK but last night after comming home it did it again. Nothing seems to be in the way to block it or in the way of the infared light at the bottom. The springs are OK too as well as the cables. Im thinking after work today I have to revisit the linkage any other ideas would be appreciated.

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      You titled it garage door sticking, but you never checked it to see if it was sticking.

      Using the quick disconnected disconnect the opener from the door.

      Then MANUALLY open and close the door. It should work smoothly and be balanced so that if you open if about 1/2 way it will stay there.

      If the door is ok then run just the opener and see if works smoothly and does not bind.

      After seeing that both of those are OK then reconnect the door and adjust the UP Force Limit on the opener.

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