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      I have a .5 horsepower Craftsman garage door opener that was working fine.It was present when we bought our home,I have no owners manual.The problem is now when the door closes it does not stop at the floor like it should,it goes back up and stops all the way open.I tried adjusting the up / down force it does not help. Any ideas???

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      trayce primm

      i’ve lost my manual for my craftsman garage door opener. My openers won’t work and I can’t figure out how to reset them. Even using the inside button, I can open the door, but have to hold it down until it closes. Before the car transmitters stopped working all together, they would open the door, but wouldn’t close it. Last time I had someone out it cost almost a hundred dollars for 2 minutes work. Can you tell me where to get help?

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      I have a lift-master opener which I believe is the same manufacturer with a different name. There should be adjustments on the right side (facing back) for up and down travel as well as the up/down force at the back. Back off the down travel until it closes all the way, then readjust the down force until it goes back up when a 2×4 is placed underneath the door.

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      Craftsman model # 139.663953

      humming noise in motor wont


      gear problem?

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      I have three of these units lifting 8′ aluminum doors now for 7 years. They all are doing the same thing…that is they don’t always want to go all the way down w/o reversing back up. One door opener sometimes goes past the normal stop point and hit the safety stop and freezes up the unit. Any fixes would be appreciated, if this sounds like I should just junk the units, whose models would give me long term reliability performance for the right price?

      Thank you,


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      I recently had to replace the worm gear on my craftsman .5 horse garage door opener. Once the gears were replaced and I placed it back into operation, it would only travel about a foot in either direction. I tried adjusting the travel knobs on the side, but all my attemps failed. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

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      Must be wormgear replacement season! I have the same problem with the door only moving a foot or so back and forth. Hopefully someone can help the three of us.

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      I installed a Craftsman keypad opener and set the code numbers, and it works. Now, the remote switch from the car does not work. Can the keypad and remote work independently of each other?

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      mark neal

      my remotes just work part of the time. have tried to erase and reprogram remotes to the logic board. doesnt seem to take programing.seems to have a mind of its own. any ideas? thanks

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      Don Turner

      Our chain drive squeals where the chain turns above the drive box. Used WD-40, worked for a while but not anymore. Is there another solution?

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      I accidently caused electrical spark while I was touching the electrical bulb socket. The power was cut off automatically. When I turned the power back on at the breaker, the opener just makes quiet humming sound but wouldn’t budge. What’s wrong? It’s Chamberlain LiftMaster 1156LM.

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