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      My garage door opener recently went on the blink. The motor sounds like it is o.k., however, it no longer seems to have enough power to open or close the garage door. I’m beginning to wonder if something internally is going wrong. Any suggestions anyone??? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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      Thomas M

      Hi Sid!

      Try a few things to isolate your problem.
      1.If necessary adjust your track brackets so there is about a 1/4 to 1/2″ play between the door and track at any given spot,and make sure your tracks are plumb.
      2.Clean your track and lube it w/silicone spray,lube your rollers,hinges,and pulleys.
      3.Have someone check and adjust your torsion springs(they can be dangerous).
      4.Clean and lube the garage door opener chain w/wd40.
      These things are excellent routine maintenance even if your not having problems,but if your problem persists it is your opener..hope that was of some help!

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      My garage door opener did not work well after I put weather strpping around the door. I sprayed WD 40 on rollers, hinges, tracks and the chain. I also took off the plastic weather stripping from around the door because it seemed to drag along the door when it was closing causing the opener to jar into reverse. CLEAN AND SPRAY moving parts did the trick. I STILL need to install the weather stripping propery

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      I’m frustrated. Motor works when chain is not attached, remotes work when chain is not attached. I’m looking for instructions/manual that I can download to read.

      Sears 1/2HP Residential Door Opener

      Model: 139.53628SRT

      Serial: 41442B00314

      mfg: 10/94

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