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      Okay, you guys have always helped me out before and so now I’m asking another question. We are having problems with the furnace not heating the house and we need to call someone out to take a look at it. I would like to be able to speak intelligently with this person since I will be the one dealing with the situation. I know absolutely nothing about furnaces so I need some help on what I should know in order to explain the problem.

      Here is what I know. I know that it is a gas furnace and shouldn’t be more than 10 years old (the age of the house). I know that I have the thermostat set on 78 degrees (yes, that’s right–78) and it is cold in my house even though the thermostat reads 76 degrees. I’ve timed it so that I know the thermostat kicks on and runs for about 5 or 6 minutes and then shuts off for only about a minute or two before it comes on again. I can’t tell you how long it has been doing that because it has only just recently gotten really cold where I live. My husband checked the duct work and all that kind of stuff in the attic today and all that seems to look okay. There’s a pretty thick layer of insulation in the attic but husband says it could use more. This is our second winter in the house and I don’t remember it being this cold last year.

      The unit is pretty quiet and you really have to listen for it but you can hear it click on and then a few seconds later you can hear the burners kick in (I guess that’s what it is) and heat begins to come out the vents even though it is not a strong flow of heat–it is warm air but it is not a forceful flow. Anyways, that’s about all I know about it except for the fact that I know the furnace is located in the attic.

      How can I express all of this intelligently and what kind of questions might I be asked and need to know the answer in order to respond?

      Thanks for helping me prepare for this and if any of you have ideas of what might be wrong just by reading this, please let me know!!

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      Have you checked the filter? You say the air is not “forceful” which indicates perhaps a dirty filter.

      Check this b4 calling a furnace guy.


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      jason mccullough

      my furnace is 80000 btu\h i think that it should be 60000 can you put in smaller burner orifices to make it go down to 60000 btu\h

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