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      I recently bought a house that belonged to a heavy smoker. The man who fixed up the house before I purcahsed it re-finished all the hardwood floors throughout, so there was a lot of sawdust created as well. My question is: Should I have all the air ducts professionally cleaned. I just priced a few companies and it is very expensive $250-$500. Would appreciate your opinions.

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      Personally, I would. After I got a look at a dirty duct, I decided it can’t be a bad thing. I also can’t say that I notice a difference, but just knowing all that junk isn’t in my ducts makes me feel better. Even without remodeling, the buildup is unbelievable. I just bought a new (new for me – 20 yrs old) house and it was one of the first things I did. I had it done at my old house after years of remodeling.

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      A more cost effective method of cleaning and maintaining the HVAC is now available. Clean heat exchanger coils (NOT CLEAN HVAC DUCT) improves HVAC efficiency by up to 30% reducing the energy cost each month in the future. How to accomplish that?

      1. Install a 0.03 micron mechanical filter in the HVAC. Most germs are 0.05 microns or larger. This filter could become clogged or need frequent replacement unless no. 2 is simultaneously accomplished.
      2. Install two UV lights, one near each of the heat exchanger coils. UV kills germs, molds (black mold) and bacteria that clutter the cooling coils, become airborne, and infiltrate your house. Within a few days to two weeks after installing the UV lights, the cooling coils “self clean”, germs, molds, and bacteria die or are neutered. Occumpant will observe a decrease in sinus and allergy reactions. The power bill will decrease and repay the cost of the work.
      3. Once the sticky molds and clinger germs are killed, foreign materials in the HVAC duct, smoke, sawdust, germs become airborne and are collected by the micron filter.
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