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      Brad Buris

      on a recent trip to North Carolina, my wife and I found an old house that we absolutely fell in love with.The house is Victorian in style although it has been remodeled almost beyond recognition as such. Still this house has a lot of potential for restoration back to its origional configuration. Included with the house is tweleve acres of land a very large barn, carrige house and some type of other out building not identified. The asking price of the property is $180,000.00 unfortunately the repairs will go that much or more. Any suggestions on funding this project?

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      Sounds like you found a beauty. For 180,000 it’s
      a steal in carolina. To posibally fund you project
      try and sell some of the land to either develop,
      or to a a parks dept. if you are close to a nat’l

      Good Luck!

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