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      My house is infested with little tiny fruit flies (I think that’s what they are). It started out with one or two here and there and now it’s just ridiculous. I certainly do not live in filth, as a matter of fact, we just had a new baby, so I’ve been very particular about keeping the house clean. I’ve checked every corner of every room, closet, etc. and have not found the source. Could they be coming from rotting wood? I have a feeling the floor underneath the tile in our bathroom could be a little rotten although it’s not very obvious. I live in Canada and there is no snow on the ground here in Edmonton, Alberta yet but it does dip a little below freezing at night – aren’t the bugs supposed to be gone by now?! Help!

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      I get the pesky little things now and then also and my hous is clean also. Most times I see them is either around bananas or around the houseplants. They disappear on their own also. I did have two purchased ferns which were infested but I kept them in the basement, sprayed them once a week for several weeks with houseplant bug spray, and those finally disappeared.

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      somebody please help! i have tiny little flies buzzing around my head this moment! how do you get rid of these things! i’m afraid to open my mouth!!!

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      Tracey Ekdahl

      I also have a problem with the little pests.
      I did a search on Yahoo and found about five sights that tell you how to get rid of them.

      btw, that’s how I found you 🙂

      Hope you find some sollutions.

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      Mark D. Sheperdigian

      I am an urban entomologist working in the field of urban pest management. We deal with problems such as yours every day. Here are some fundamentals that may help you out. There are many small flies out there and proper identification can make a huge difference in finding the source. NOTE: the term fruit fly applies to pests of fruit in the field, the flies we get on the bananas are properly referred to as vinegar flies(Drosophilids). You can see examples of pest flies at the various extension entomology sites around the web. Drosophilids could breed in a decaying bathroom floor but there are some other flies that are more common in that situation. You would be well served by taking up the flooring at least in one spot to see what is going on down there.If you find nothing the search continues. Just because you haven’t found it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You will need to use your imagination to find them.

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      kelly church

      I have them too. If you can find the source, please let me know. I have tried everything and I have looked all over as to what can be the source of these flies.

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      While conventional sprays are questionable and sticky tape does not work that well there are other ways to dispatch the fruit fly pests. You can try some wine in a jar. The flies fall in it or sort of get drunk off the fumes and die. I found an even more thorough method:

      The site gives you a clever yet simple way to build your own traps. It worked for us. Best of luck!


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