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      Debbie Joyce

      We are putting a addition on in the spring and we do not have a ton of money, but i want it done right. I was told if we put a cement slab down instead of a foundation that it could shift. Is this a true story? I would like you to tell me how you feel about slabs vs. full foundations. Thankyou for all youre help. Debbie

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      It all depends on where you live. I’m from the
      northeast and I hardly see slabs for foundations
      because of thr freeze/thaw cycle here. If your from
      the south where there is little chance for freeze/
      thaw the slab will work fine. However if your from
      the north you must build a foundation with footings
      below the frost line. One advantage if your from the
      north and must build a foundation, you can build a crawl
      space and save about 1/3 fo the cost of a full foundation.

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