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      Can Formica countertops be painted or tiled over?

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      I personally would not paint laminate, but as this is such a frequently asked question, I have saved a previously posted thread on the topic. I’m sorry, but I don’t know to whom it should be attributed.

      “Painting regular laminate is really one of the easiest surfaces to cover. All you will require is some sandpaper (about 80 to 120 grit), trisodiumphosphate (TSP), a high-density foam roller and tray and Melamine Paint.

      First, you need to sand the laminate surface. This may require a little elbow grease to really remove the gloss of the laminate but it is worth the time it takes to do this as it is integral to long term paint adhesion. Once the surface has been well sanded, wash with TSP, which is a detergent that you mix with water and is good for removing gloss and grease from surfaces (be sure to where gloves when handling TSP). Once you have washed the surface rinse thoroughly with clear water and allow the laminate surface to dry completely.

      Melamine Paint is a relatively new paint product designed to cover laminate surfaces. It is an oil paint with urethane reinforcement so it does not need a coat of urethane applied on top once it is dry. Melamine creates a hard and durable paint surface but it best to be applied in three thin coats rather than one thick coat. The high-density foam roller is an ideal way to apply Melamine as it will not roll bubbles into the paint so the surface appears smooth and even. For vertical surfaces like cabinet doors, it is best if you remove them and place them on a horizontal surface while painting. For high-traffic counter tops I recommend creating a granite or speckled look with several colours of Melamine applied using a sea sponge. This will help hide any marks or dings that end up on the surface.

      Be sure to allow the Melamine to completely cure before you put anything heavy on it as this may mark your painted finish. Curing takes around six days.”

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