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      Some of the glass panels in my greenhouse have fogged.
      The panels are double panel glass with about a 1/2
      thick sealing gasket. Can I purchase a ‘kit’ to reseal
      the panels.


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      Alan I

      As they say in New York City, “Fuhgedaboutit”. Your seals are broken, and there’s no way to repair them that I’ve ever heard of. I’ve had the same problem, and everyone I talked to said replacement is the answer (no, they weren’t window salesmen!!)

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      Megan Braemer

      Hi, I have a project for my calculus class which requires that I design a greenhouse to specific qualifications. I need to know the price of glass used in greenhouses (preferably in a cost per square foot). Would it be possible for someone to email me and let me know what that price might be, or to direct me to a place where I could find such information? Thank you!

      ~ Megan

Viewing 2 reply threads
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