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      i have oak flooring that is blond in color, i varnished it with spar varnish, approximately fifty years ago,it still maintains its color,though are some areas that have begun to darken with age.
      My problem is: somehow a wet rag got left on the varnish, in area which very visible to visitors coming thru the front door. the area is splotchy black and circular spirals of brown
      I think there may have been pepsi in the rag. i have tried everthing to remove the stain
      Never use beach on varnish! just makes it blacker , to my dismay!
      i have, already, made a mess!

      Any suggestion?

      other than going to bare wood!

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      Chlorine bleach turns wood black, but oxalic acid (often called wood bleach) can lighten a stain. Give that a try. Available at hardware and apron stores, or try this.

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