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      Chris Campbell

      Does anyone have any experience with the large, vibrating, square pad sanders. I think they are rented as part of the “Varathane” system in hardware stores. I am afraid of scarring my flooring and thought I might try one, but don’t want to waste the money if they don’t do the job well.

      Thanks for any help.


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      Chris, this type of sander is actually the safest
      (but is slower than a drum sander). It also works
      better on parquet floors because of the changeing
      grain directions.

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      need to find a video “How to sanding floor & appling polyurethane on wood floor”…
      Need to know asap…

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      donna beers

      The orbital floor sander recommended by Verathane
      works very well for the homeowner. WE recently put in
      a hardwood floor in for the first
      time and used one. WE did great. So you Just Do It. Start out
      with a fine grade of
      sand paper, and after a minute or two when you
      get the feel of it, go to a larger number
      for a faster
      job, then finish with a fine grade. WE used real
      wood not engineered wood.
      Ask for the direction sheet. or call verathane.
      You cant screw up if you keep it moving.

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      jeff dillon

      looking for used equipment drum edger and so forth please contact me back thanks for ur time jeff

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