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      we live in a 1 story house about 1 1/2 foot off the ground. we are having a problem with the floor in our front bedroom .there is no water bed and there is no bathroom in that room.the floor of wood blocks was down about 6 years ago.the floor was installed with no problems! however now the middle layer of floor of 1/4 inch pine is wet and all rotten so we have to pull it all up.we need to know what is causing the rot.we do have a central unit in that room . we are thinking it could be coming from there put we never see water dripping . someone told us it could also be coming from the roof . we had a new roof installed about 7 years ago . it is a medal roof. we never see water are anything dripping it is just the floor stared buckling and when my husband stared removing the wooden tile we saw the middle floor layer is rotten. the sub floor is not ruined nor is it wet!!!!we have no pets and no fish tank either .we do not understand why just the middle flooring of that 1/4 inch pine wood is wet and moist!!!! please help us!!!!!!!
      mrs. chester christensen

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      I have a bedroom and hall that was built in 1931 of red cedar wood flooring. Somewhere along in the years some fool painted it with aqua colored paint. we have used over four gallons of paint striper, scrapers, wire brushes, and commerical sander. Still cannot get it all out. (paint) What a waste1.. Any suggestions. Sincerely a Widow in Tennessee. Sammye Woodruff

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