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      I live in an older house in Florida that has no insulation in the floor. One of my neighbors insulated his floor with blown in foam stuff. The other used regular rolls of insulation and tacked a chicken like wire over it to hold it. Which is better? They appeared to have paid about the same amount for the work.

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      I am guessing you have an older home as most newer homes in florida are built on a slab.

      Things you want to insure you don’t do in any climate but especially in humid ones like florida is to trap moisture.

      Floors and ceilings are generally insulated without vapor barriers. (Walls and roofs have them)

      You can find similar materials for both blown in and rolls and their are many options for both.


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      Both the spray foam insulation and the regular batting type will work well. The nice thing about the foam kind is that you won’t get itchy fiberglass fibers in your clothes and on your skin. I don’t like the batting at all.

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