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      I have an older home with dark wood paneling in our large family room and all down the hall way. It has thumb width groves in the paneling that is rough to the touch. What would be a great way to fill in the paneling. Especially around an outside door, we do live in south mississippi but it still can freeze a few times a year and the door is a sliding glass door. So I want something I can use that won’t crack in time??!

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      Henry in MI

      Tammy, hate to tell you this but there is nothing that will work other than taking out the panelling and putting up drywall. This is an easy job but very messy. Start by watching some of the home shows on TV and you will eventually catch one on how to do it. Drywall will probably end up being cheaper than trying to fill the grooves in your panelling, will not crack if you do it right and is the right product for what you want. Don’t forget to prime before you paint or paper your new walls.

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      Mike from Homeworks


      Pop down to your local wallpaper store and see if they carry a product called lining paper. You could prime your exsisting paneling and apply lining paper over that. Another solution would be to apply a lincrusta wallpaper over your paneling. Mike

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      Doris Sharon

      My son has a Science Fair Projects with 4 kind of wood Oak wood, Pine, Cedar, Birch woods but I don’t know how to look it up on the computer could you tell me were could I go on the computer for I could help him with the woods kind thank you

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      On Jan 18 04 on TV I was watching you make paneling from plywood. Where can I buy the graining tools? I went to Home Depot and they did not have the tools. Thank you. Annamay

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      To Tammy

      Just what I have heard about what Mike told you about using a liner. A friend of my sisters did just that, later on the liner got sucked into the grooves of the panelling. She even filled in the grooves, then the liner. The lines still came through the paper. I would use a heavy ‘vinyl’ paper with a good print. Sure it may show later but would still look find. My friend in Virginia did his and I never knew it was panelling.

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