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      Laurie Bender

      I have a plaster ceiling in my unheated summer home, and
      the slip coat keeps peeling off. With that in mind, I thought
      of installing a faux (probably plastic?) tin ceiling up
      there. Does anyone have any ideas about a possible supplier?
      Also, has anyone tried doing this? I could definitely use
      some advice!


      Laurie Bender

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      Sharon Kirell


      I am restoring a 100 year old home in Woodruff SC and would appreciate any information and advise about the instillation and purchase of tin ceiling products.


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      We have a common problem. I found a company called Snelling’s Thermo-Vac Inc. which has a plastic “tin ceiling”

      The can be reached at (318) 929-7398

      or P.O. Box 210, Blachard, LA 71009

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      Temperature and moisture may be one of the problems you need to take into consideration. Skip coats cannot stick to old plaster unless cleaned and allowed to dry to completion. Some times old plaster has become too smooth with too many layers of paint. With more history I might be able to help more… did you do all the necessary prep work?

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      Gordon Stuth

      I just found your inquiry, and subsequent reply,
      regarding “faux” tin ceilings. Did you contact
      Thermo-Vac, and did they have the product for you?

      I am also interested in this item. Did you purchase it,
      if so, how did it work for you.

      Thank you,

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      Marion Merkle

      Where could I find the manufacture that use to make faux wood look a like foam ceiling beams?
      I would appreciat if someone would write back and let me know. Thank you/

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      Zane Working

      This is rather late, but thought I’d through in my two cents worth. I am a restoration/preservationist/interior decorator/artist…with 17 years in the field. I do all faux finishes, tromp l’oiel, archetectural detailing, etc …I have seen ceilings in all sorts of disrepair, including many after the loma prieta earthquake in San Francisco/Oakland CA. If the slip coat of your plaster ceiling is falling off, there is a serious problem with the plaster, anything you place over it will have that as its weak link. Those areas need to be taken down to the brown coat and re-slipped. If the plaster is still intact, I would recommend using a “blank stock” or “wall lining” material, use the fiberglass reinforced type, a little more expensive, but very strong. I’ve used blank stock over plaster ceilings that had to be fastened in place with ceiling buttons, plastered over, blank stocked, and then papered with Bradbury and Bradbury wall paper. If you know Bradbury papers, you know you don’t want to ever have to redo them…I used up to 22 different papers in a quilt like design, so the ceiling may never be repaired if damaged. These ceilings with the blank stock over plaster, have not only survived earthquakes, but are stronger than ever before. The blank stock can be painted, textured, wallpapered…whatever. The best of these products I have used came out of Santa Rosa, California and named “for your Bear Walls”, sorry, I don’t have an address or phone number…call Mark’s paints in Alameda..(510) 522-0717….good luck!!!..I just had another thought, at the turn of the century (1900’s), decorators often used canvas glued over plaster, then painted or papered..

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      Martha Coleman

      I too have been looking for a faux tin ceiling product.
      Armstrong has 12x12x.5″ ceiling tile that has the
      pressed tin look. They wouldn’t work for the peeling
      slip coat home, but maybe for wome of you others…

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      i was wondering if you still had the suppliers names for the tin celings? We redid our kitchen and decided that tin is the way to go, but don’t know where to start looking. It would be great if you could help me.

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      I like the look of the tin ceiling tile and I want it in a antiqued copper finish and use it on the frontside of my bar and backsplash. I am concerned using real copper or copper finished tin as it would not hanlde small child and their feet at the counter. Has anyone used the Thermo Vac tiles and painted them? What would you recommend? Thanks

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      I am looking for the faux tin ceiling and large faux molding to put around it. Does anyone have any good suggestions for where to find them?

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      George McCallion

      Pls advise where to purchase or see and approximate cost per panel

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