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      Please, Please help me. I want to paint a faux finish
      on my concrete floor in our ranch/barn/apartment. Where
      can I find this information and where do I start.

      Thank you in advance.

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      Craig Sorenson

      We have developed a unique process of applying faux finishes to a torn, tinted paper. It is called Mirage Special Effect Surface Covering. It’s already done for you, so a faux artist is not required.

      We have 6 standard colors, including: Tibetan Jade, Desert Shale, Jasper Quartz, Villa Rosa Marble,Graystone, and Cabernet.

      Mirage comes in 2’x3′ Torn leaves, 6 leaves per package (36 sq. feet) You immerse a sheet in water, wring it out like a rag, lay face down, apply a clear wallpaper glue. tear, and overlap the torn pieces. No seams or patterns to match, every piece blends together (you can’t make a mistake)!

      Cover floors, walls, furniture, moldings, stucco, brick….nearly anything!

      Because it is applied in torn pieces, it’s easy to cover difficult or intricate shapes.

      We have perfected various primer and topcoating systems, allowing use on high traffic environments, such as floors and countertops.

      You really have to see it to believe it!

      Email to northwest@uswest.net or call 509-879-1185 (Craig Sorenson)

      Hope to hear from you!

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      Darrell Johnson

      My employer has a huge, old concrete floor that is unsightly and I’d like to learn how to do a faux finish on it to enhance its attractiveness. Can you help me?

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