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      I am usually here posting responses to other’s questions, however I have a question to throw out for others to assist me with. I have purchased a new entrance door unit (Jamb, threashold and door). It arrived with no instructions. I have installed several interior door units, but only one or two exterior ones. My new unit came with the brick mold unattached, and as I was preparing to nail the brick mold onto the door jamb prior to installing it, my wife asked should I not leave it off till I get the unit installed in the opening in order to properly shim the jamb. My recollection is that exterior door units are usually shipped with the brick mold already attached, and my thought is that I should go ahead and nail it on before placing the unit in the opening. Please advise (if you know, no guesses, please). Thanks, Thiggy

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      doug seibert

      Fasten the Jamb and then trim……..

      I’d attach the brickmold or trim first ONLY if that was the “means of fastening” the window/door unit to the frame……

      “…measure once…..cut twice….throw that one away and cut a new one….”

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      for two reasons. (1) the brick mold is usually installed last and (2) never ignore what you wife is saying or all h*ll will be raised or you will get a number of ‘I told you so’.

      Let us know how it works out.

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      Just like interior doors (with casing attached instead of brick molding) , it may be easier to install the door without the brick molding installed. If the wall the door is going into is slightly out of plane, you can position the jamb as needed without the brick molding getting in the way.
      Having said that, like you, the few doors I have installed had the molding attached already, and it wasn’t really a problem.
      Anyway, as I’m sure the wife will be making your favorite dinner afer this project, it won’t hurt to follow her intuition!
      Good Luck!

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      Who am I to go against all the wisdom of the forum? (Likewise, dare I go against the advise of my wife?) I shall leave the brick mold off till the door is set. Thanks, all. Thiggy

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      even if the brick molding is already attached to the door remove it first simply because when you go to shim it you will be able to come in with shims from both sides(outside and inside)and get a good solid set.
      thats what i always do.

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