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      doesm anyone have any reviews of using this systems

      is it a cost savings versus using counter sunk stainless screws

      thank you

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      Jay J


      Steve Jones, one of our ‘best’ Follow-uppers, builds decks profusely! I’d consider him our ‘resident expert’ on decks. (Certainly, he’s not the only person who knows ‘things’ about decks but he ranks right up there since this is his bread and butter.) Just keep checking your Post for info from time to time …

      Anyways, I’m sure you know what the EB-TY System is, but for the benefit of ‘the others’, I’ve included a link to them if they’d like to read more about them. They are ‘described’ at Swan Secure, INC. (Obviously, I can’t help you but I’m hoping Steve or someone else will.)


      Jay J

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      Steve Jones

      Bill, I have never heard of this fastener and with Jay’s link, I zoomed over there to get up to speed.

      Bill, this sounds good, but I have several questions:
      98% of my decks are made of PT wood. This wood is full of chemicals when wet and it does require special tools to handle this friction. But, when the wood dries out, it becomes very attractive and functional.

      My point is you would ruin your biscut cutter very quickly with all the stuff in the wood. I know how expensive a biscut cutting blade is.

      Secondly, I like decking boards that are screwed down for good fastening and for easy removal when you need or want to change out a board.

      Alot of my business is not a complete deck, but to re surface if you will the decking only. How can this occur with this system?

      Then Bill, I try to keep my material costs to a bare minimum when constructing a deck and also things that will bog down my construction time. This seems like quite an additional amount of man hours to install.

      I like decks with joists every 16 or 18 inches. This would require many of these fasteners.

      Bill, If you would get some zinc coated or galvanized screws with allen fittings and sink them just below the surface and then spray the finished deck with water, the wood will go over the screws and you will not see then again. But, you will know where they are if needed.

      Bill, I am not trying to shoot down your idea or new fastener system, I am just being the devil’s advocate on some things.

      I just thought of another thing. Have you ever used a biscut cutter and joined two boards together? You know boards have different particularities that make doing this difficult, for example, many 2×6’s are not the same height. Many have wanes, many have bows, these traits would be very difficult to align and join together two boards not to mention 25 or 30 side by side.

      I would never consider this, because there is no such thing as two cloned boards of the same size.


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      I looked at the web site and and steve’s post and I’m with Steve on this deal. It would be an installation nightmare. figure on double for installation labor. figure on double for cost of the ties over stainless screws. It might work for trex but not treated. If someone can afford trex then they can pay the extra for those ties and the labor.

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      Jeff Lucas

      Are there any reviews of this system (Deck Master) other that what’s posted on their website? It looks like a good system but I was curious if anyone knew of any drawbacks other than the extra hardware and time required to install using this method.


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