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      I need input on a simple roof to put on an 8 x 12 shed that is attached on one wall to a utility room. Also I am rebuilding a kitchen cabinet drawer and have tried nails, screws and the “liquid nails” glue on 1/4 inch plywood bottom and sides to no avail. I am ready to board up the drawer and store it’s contents elsewhere – Help!

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      Is the roof already framed? If not place 2×4 roof
      rafters 2ft. on center, cover the roof with 1/2 inch
      plywood, place 15lb. tar paper, and finish off
      with an inexpensive 3 tab roof shingle. Figure
      on a solid 6-8 hrs to do it by yourself. Just
      the roof should work should take 2 hrs. For that
      drawer why not try epoxy in the joints.

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