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      Mike W

      I’m doing some work in my bathroom and I need to finish the walls above the tub. I’m wondering if I should use Durarock (cement board) or just the green (waterproof) drywall?? I’m going to put up either a three piece fake marble surround (about 3/4″ thick, fairly heavy) or a regular plastic 3 or 5 piece surround.



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      Since you plan on putting up a tubsurround of some sort, I recommend you go with the waterproof drywall (drywall). In fact, regular drywall would be fine if the surround kit is sealed properly and the drywall is primed and painted. No water should be able to find it’s way to the drywall and do damage.

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      Another option you might want to consider to assure a moisture proof tub surround is Dens-Shield. It handles (cuts & installs) like drywall and is lighter and much easier to use than cement board. Check the web site — http://www.gp.com/gypsum/tilebacker/

Viewing 2 reply threads
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