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      how do i find out about an elevator that would carry a load of laundry from the basement to the second floor of the house? i have an area that i could do this who could i get more info on how this is done? on BOB Villa’s house he had one from the basement for firewood lifted next to his fireplace. help my back is killing me!

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      jim chatwin


      For what it’s worth, Ive heard some good things about Miller Manufacturing, Inc. which sells manual dumbwaiters. Their number is (800)232-2177
      They could send some info and you could either buy one of theirs or pirate their design.

      Ahoy mate, good luck!!

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      Connie J. Timmerman

      please send me information on your product to:

      Connie J. Timmerman
      215 E. Division Street
      Watertown, New York 13601

      (315) 782-7092

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      Butlers Buddy, Berwick,Pa manufactures the best and safest Dumb Waiter system that I have ever seen on the market today. This system comes in kit form ready to be installed by the advanced home owner, a local contractor, ie,handyman, or carpenter. You can order from 2 to 7 floor systems, up to 300lb capacity. They have 5 standard sizes, and one can order any custom sizes desired. You can reach them at Butlers Buddy, 423 E 10th St, Berwick, Pa, or email them at butlersbuddynj@earthlink.net, or call the toll free number 888-441-9810. Mention Frank from Jersey sent you for an added discount.

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      Dick Masse

      Can you point me in the right direction in acquiring

      info on residential units available in Canada.

      Thank you .

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      Chad Werle

      I want to know where to find plans for a old style, non-electric dumb waiter. I want to do it as cheep as possible. Is this possible?

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