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      A couple of years ago a had a local handyman hang some drywall for me and he forgot to use drywall adhesive on the studs and now you can see the nails pushing the the dry wall out.

      There is now a small gap between the drywall and the studs. I tryed puting in more drywall nails but that was a waste of time. You can see where all the studs are because of the small bulges that the nails have made with the movement.

      My local handyman as since passed on, but even if he was still with us I wouldn’t have told him because it would have upset him to much and I just couldn’t have done that to him.

      I am now hoping someone can come up with a clever idea to fix this problem. Any idea’s would be apprecitated. Thankyou From Noelene

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      The problem is you and he are using nails and not drywall screws. I would press against the wall to seat it against the stud. This will pop some nails but so what. Install drywall screws between the nails, pull popped nails and then get out the mud.

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