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      Worried Wife

      I think my husband installed drywall with the brown paper on the wrong side (the side we see). Is that bad? Should we redo it?

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      The back side of the drywall will be very difficult to properly finish. It is not intended to be the outer surface. Difficult to tape and smooth, absorbent to paint, poor surface strength. But, you are going to be the messenger on this bad news, right? Needs to be redone.

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      Glenn Good

      tomh is correct,

      Unfortunately you should re hang the drywall. The brown side is not tapered to facilitate a flush joint when finishing. The paper on the grey side wraps around to the back making the joint much stronger and keeping the paper from separating. . The brown side does not wrap around the edge of the drywall and can separate from the sheet resulting in a weak joint and possible separation or the paper from the gypsum core. In addition the grey side is generally smoother resulting in a better finish.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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