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      Hi Dodgeman,

      I am glad the hear the Fluidmaster part worked out. Can’t belive you had to drive 80 miles to get it. Do you live the “outback”. only joking around.

      I had to use another Aussie saying for toilet, you don’t need much imagination to see how we come up with that one, calling a toilet a Thunder Box.

      This site below has some Australian – American “translations” and if you have ever heard the Aussie folk song called Waltzing Matilda and wondered what the words meant. This site explains.

      What I can’t belive is how much we use these words in every day conversation. Like for example. she’ll be Apples!, go and have a Cuppa, good’o, moosh, take a Leak, ripsnorter, ridgie didge and earbash, which is what I,m doing to you now.

      Well I better hit the frog & toad. Take care kind regards from Nolene

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      I hope you I haveyour name right, but when I younger, we used the expression, ‘Thunder Mug’ :.)

      Let us know how it works out.

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