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      I have tons of acorns on my property. I think they gather in piles and are killing the grass.

      How do I get rid of them? Blower, lawn vacuum, manual rake?

      The lawn mower is not picking them up.


      Or do I just leave them alone? I think it is bad for the lawn but let me know if you think otherwise.

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      Some hunters love to pick white acorn for Deer Bait, Some are better than others.

      doin’ it right the first time is not an option!!!

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      I unwittingly bought a house with two giant Oak trees. As a novice Oak tree owner I have tried every known device to remove massive amounts of acorns. The easiest way I have found to date is to use a powerful electric leaf blower. I can even get acorns out of the lawn that are embedded in the soil. I flow the acorns to the sidewalk then sweep them up. It takes a little time, but is sure easier than trying to rake them.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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