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      I have a brick patio with a deck built around it that needs help. The bricks are now uneven and look horrible. The deck doesn’t look much better. Unfortunately I am having an outdoor graduation party and need to do something quick. Any ideas?

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      If it was me and needed a quick fix, what I would do is, pull up the raised or sunken uneven bricks and back full or remove the soil or tree root that’s causing the problem. I wouldn’t get too carried away, just concentrate on the obvious out of place pavers.

      Next I would wet down the area and pour on the pavers house hold bleach or pool chlorine and scrub the pavers with a broom then rinse off. Leave the pavers are for two days without rain to completely dry, then seal the pavers with concrete sealer. The concrete sealer protects the pavers and gives the pavers the wet look.

      Just a note: Make sure the pavers are completely dry, if there is still moisture in the pavers and you put a sealer on them, the sealer will go a milky colour when it dries.

      If your deck has tannin stains use a deck cleaner that has Oxalic Acid in it. Pour it on and scrub with a broom and rinse it off. If it has mould and mildew stains use Oxygen Bleach cleaner or 30 Seconds Outdoor cleaner.
      After a couple of days when the deck is dry put on two coats of deck oil.

      If you have garden around your deck and patio cover your garden with plastic for protection. The deck and paving cleaners can harm your plants.

      When you have cleaned and sealed your deck and patio you want even notice any imperfections that may still be there. I am speaking from personal experience. I am half way though doing the same thing with the paving around my pool. Then next I will be doing my timber deck.

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