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      What is the best way to cut Plexiglas sheet to size? I have done it a couple of ways over the years but never been particular satisfied with the results. I have used the band saw as well as scribed and broken. I am making a flag display case for a friend.

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      and have a pro do it. I’ve tried scoring and breaking like you do glass. Sometimes it works, sometimes you miss a tiny spot and the whole sheet cracks. I’ve tried cutting it with fine toothed blades in a jig saw or using a band saw. Again, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Not to mention that it takes a while to clean up the edges. I need some Plexi for a display case and I’m just going to go to the local window shop and have them cut the pieces. I’d rather give them money and go home with parts that fit then end up with a bunch of scrap plastic.

      I’m going to assume the flag case is a memento so it’s worth doing right. Just a thought.

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      Score and snap, I have a tool just for scoring plexi. Has very sharp angle “V” shaped carbide tip. Even with that the sheet has to be firmly clamped down on a flat surface and you work your way from one edge to the other to snap ( don’t try to snap the whole piece in one shot)

      Bandsaw, 14TPI blade
      Tablesaw, 60 tooth carbide, or HSS plywood blade. New or at least cleaned blades work best,, no built up gum from cutting wood. Zero clearance table insert, set blade about 1/2″ above plexi. If you get chipping, lower the blade some and don’t feed as fast. Burning, raise blade a little and feed faster.

      Jig saw, Sabre saw, 14TPI blade
      Best if only used for short curved cuts. Because of short stroke the blades will gum up quickly. If you don’t back out and clean the blade it will just “weld” the plexi back together behind your cut.

      Router, router table, Shaper, Bearing pilot carbide bit. Use with premade template. Works good. Too much extra work for me.

      I usually just go with the BS or TS and a quick sanding to clean up the edges. I have fooled around with flame polishing the edges, you can get crystal clear smooth edges, BUT, practice, practice, practice on scrap first.

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