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      My Culligan Mark 89 water softener is hung up on the flushing mode. I’ve placed it in bypass to stop it. Any suggestions on where to start. Culligan parts and repair manuals eem to be non-existant. Thanks.

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      Unregistered-Tom C

      you can only get parts from a culligan dealer.. most likely you will need a new shaft assembly and probably will need the linkage. It’s been 15 years since I worked for culligan, but back then the Mk 89 was our most used style. two screws and front cover comes off… you will see a motor and linkage/cam.. remove cam and 2 or 3 screws to take motor off; o’ring assembly will slide out…. that was the most common break-down…

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      Our Mark 89 is almost 19 years old. It is set to regenerate the resin bed once every 6 days. We have 11 grains of hardness. We experienced the same problem. I called our local Culligan office and was told that this is a common problem. They advised that I install a Seal Pack/Brine replacement kit, Catalogue # 01-8822-46. I did so. The kit cost $86. You must be patient doing the rebuild. The instructions and illustrations are a bit lacking.

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      Unregistered-Greg from Wisc.

      replacement valve kit 01013033! $50.00 from culligan dealer. Easy directions included.

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      Unregistered-Chief Mike

      I own a Mark 89 that was not regenerating and i activated the mannual regen. However, it would not stop so I did likewise and placed it in bypass. This stopped the regen. So I then placed matching sharpie marks on the time dial to determine if the timer was advancing, it was not. So I inspected the timer drive gears for worn or missing teeth, they were all fine. so I replaced the timer motor and took it out of bypass. It completed the backwash and is now running just fine. Cost – $23.54!
      Good Luck, hope this helps.

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      I also have a CULLIGAN WH-HD200-C installed for the whole house filtration purpose about 8 months ago, I had to replace the valve kit due to some leakage and it costs me around $38

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