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      I just spilt crazy glue on my NEW bathroom counter top.
      How can I get it off?
      Please rush….

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      I have not tried this but have heard that finger nail polish with acetone will remove it

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      I know it is not regarding countertops but they state that they tried it so it might work here is the link regarding this message

      My husband got krazy glue on his new glasses. He has plastic, progressive lenses with the transition from sunlight to indoors. We used acetone after practicing on dollar store readers with plastic lenses. It worked great. Wet a paper towel with acetone. WORK FAST! Rub acetone over affected area. Rinse immediately. Repeat as nec. As I said work fast. You don’t want that acetone on there for any legnth of time. Good luck!

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      You can get crazy glue remover at any hardware store, but as the first respondent said, they all contain acetone. Yes, nail polish remover, or get some acetone at your local hardware store.

      Let us know how it works out.

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