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      Last year I got some bad gas and snowthrower wouldn’t start. I drained gas out of snowthrower. Got fresh gas plus added stabliser. Snowthrower started, but now if I take choke completely off it dies on me. What can I do now that won’t cost me an arm and leg?

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      It sounds like the bad gasoline may have varnished the carb on that motor. You could add a carburetor and injector cleaner to the gasoline, or disassemble the air cleaner and spray carb cleaner into the throat of the carb when running. I am kind of partial to Sea Foam Motor Treatment (great in motorcycles). Also, might be worthwhile to pull the spark-plug and see if it is fouled. Also be sure the air filter is clean or replaced.

      These are all standard maintenance items, and will make your machine run better.

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