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      Roy Hernandez-Mena

      I am planning a small project involving plastic laminate.
      On a recent visit to the hardware store I learned that
      contact cement also comes in a water-based formulation.
      Are there any pluses or minuses in using a water-based
      contact cement?

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      Roy, on the plus side, they aren’t flammable like
      some solvent based adhesives, their VOC content is
      lower and they aren’t as noxious smelling.
      On the negative side, they don’t dry as fast, and
      temp./humidity have a greater affect on drying time.
      Also if they freeze (in the can) they are done for.
      Pretty minor negatives on the whole.

      Performance wise they are about the same, with the
      exception that is you are applying laminate over
      laminate, a solvent based adhesive is necessary.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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